The best 11 hotels in Mount Bromo 2023

Best Hotel In Mount Bromo – Who is not familiar with the mountain Bromo? Mount phenomenal which able to invite thousands of tourists both domestic and International that magnificence is never end for explore.

The magnificence of Mount Bromo is not only known by the people of Indonesia but also the people in the world.

Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people have been coming to the Mount Bromo but his charm never faded.

Almost every day Mount Bromo is always crowded both local and foreign visitors.
With the increasing and a lot of tourists visiting the Mount Bromo so around mount bromo there are some hotel accommodation to facilitate tourists who come to mount Bromo.

So if you who want to travel to Mount Bromo, you do not to confuse or worry for stay overnight at a hotel that suits with you.

Here we give you some recommendations for hotels which close to Mount bromo and hopefully it will suitable with you!

The Best Hotel in Mount Bromo Area 2023

Hotel in mount Bromo

1. Hotel Bromo Cottage

Hotel Bromo Cottage is located in the village of Tosari Pasuruan. The hotel is a luxury hotel in the tourist area of Mount Bromo.

Comfortable and clean atmosphere is perfect for those of you who want to spend the night in the tourist area of bromo.

To get to this hotel you can take from Surabaya or Malang.

Hotel Facilities: room service, money changer, mailing, sightseing, traditional massage, a restaurant serving Chinese, Idonesian and Europe cuisine. Room facilities: room service, bathroom, shower, TV, AC, etc.

2. Hotel Lava View Lodge

The hotel Lava View Lodge is located at Cemoro Lawang Sukapura Probolinggo district. Hotel Lava View Lodge has beautiful view because the area directly overlooking to the crater of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok that you feel an incredible sensation.

Travelers can immediately see Mount Bromo and Mount Batok from the hotel and right next to the hotel is a Peak Mentigen is a hill to see the sunrise in the morning and watch the sunset in the afternoon. Hotel Lava View Lodge classified as class hotels in tourist areas bromo.

Room facilities at the Lava View Lodge: welcome drink, tea or coffe maker, mineral water bottles, tv, hot and cold shower, buffet breakfast.

5. Hotel Java Banana

Hotel Java Banana Bromo is located in the village Wonotoro. Hotel Java Banana is the most luxurious hotel in the tourist area bromo and this hotel is the only one hotel which is occupied of Java Jazz international event held every year in the tourist area of bromo. The hotel is also very suitable for those who want a honeymoon.

6. Hotel Bromo Permai 1

Hotel Bromo 1 is located in Cemoro Lawang Ngadisari bromo. The hotel is very close to the crater of Mount Bromo that view very clearly from the hotel and in front of the hotel there is a comfortable resting place directly facing Mount Bromo.

Room facilities at Bromo Permai 1: tv, hot shower, mineral water, coffee and tea, breakfast buffet.

7. Cemara Indah Hotel

Hotel Cemara Indah is located in Cemoro Lawang Ngadisari. Hotel Cemara Indah has similarities with the Hotel Lava View Lodge is the same. The same is near the lip of the crater bromo.

Beside the hotel there is a seat directly facing Mount Bromo so that you can directly look at the beautiful of Mount Bromo while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.
Hotel Cave Lava

hotel Cave Lava is located in Cemoro Lawang bromo. Cave Lava Hotel is in front of the entrance to the National Park Bromo Tengger. The hotel is located between Bromo permai 1 hotel and the Hotel Cemara Indah.

8. Pondok Wisata Hotel Adas

Pondok Wisata Adas is located in Raya Bromo street Cemoro Lawang Ngadisari village. The hotel is still new hotel that is still opening in 2014.

Although the hotel is relatively new hotel but the hotel was able to steal and the concept of the building is unique because the more priority natural complexion the concept building partly dominated by wood carving.

In front of the hotel there is also a view of the hill that can look through a window room.

9. Hotel Yoschi

Yoschi hotel is located at Jalan Raya Bromo Ngadisari Wonokerto village. Hotel Yoschi distance of about 3 kilos to the crater of Mount Bromo.

Hotel Yoschi is unique hotel because the hotel design like Bali so as if you invited the atmosphere of the Island of Bali.

10. Hotel Sion

Hotel Sion is located in Jalan Raya Bromo Ngadisari.The hotel is near with the Hotel Yoschi.

The hotel is a cozy hotel for occupied and in front of the hotel there is a nice view that is a hill that is quite alluring to be enjoyed in the morning and evening.

11. Sukapura Permai Hotel

The location on Jalan Raya Bromo No. 135. Sukapura Permai Hotel is about 18 kilo of Mount Bromo. The hotel is a simple hotel, comfortable and clean.


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