Malang Bromo Tour Packages 3D 2N 2023

Malang Bromo Tour Packages 3 days 2 nights for you got longer holiday time? You can try the Malang Bromo tour package 3 days 2 nights to be able to enjoy his fun holiday in Bromo and exciting holiday in Malang.

Together with our professional drivers, we will take you to interesting places to visit. Whether it is in the tourist area of Bromo Tengger Semeru and in the tourist area of Batu and Malang city.

The trip will start from pick up the participants at the location, Juanda Airport Surabaya or at the hotel, Station, Terminal.

In accordance with the request of the tour participants want to be picked where, the area of Surabaya and surrounding areas.

After Driver we have met with participants of Bromo tour, will be delivered to cemoro lawang in Mount Bromo, here you can see the elegance of Mount Bromo and sea of sand very wide.

Malang Bromo Tour Packages 3 days 2 nights Service 2023

After the holiday in Mount Bromo is complete, our driver will take the tour participants to the hotel in Malang for check in and rest.

Then tour participants will be escorted to the tourist spots of interest in Malang until the program is completed and delivered back to the original place and tour Malang Bromo Tour Packages 3 days 2 nights is complete.

Day 1 Surabaya – Bromo area

Picked you up from Surabaya Airport / Gubeng Train Station Surabaya / Hotel.

Then we will take you to Cemoro Lawang Village Tourism Area in Bromo, a great location to see Mount Bromo and the sand ocean directly.

The journey takes approximately 3 hours. Upon arrival at Bromo Tour area, Check in Hotel and free program.

Day 2 Bromo tour – Malang Batu – BNS

  • Early morning at 03.30 am, we will take you to see the beautiful sunrise from Penanjakan 1 (best sport to see the sunrise) with JEEP 4WD.
  • You will enjoy the beauty of the rising sun and the beauty of Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo from Penanjakan 1 this.
  • After that we will take you to Bromo Crater through the sea of ​​sand and you can stop for a while to take photo, then finish the journey to Jeep Parking Area.
  • From here you then headed to Bromo Crater which can be traveled by walking about 20 minutes away or you can rent a horse.
  • After you finish exploring to exotic Bromo Crater, Return to Jeep then back to hotel.
  • Packing, bathing, breakfast and check out hotel then travel on to go to Wisata Batu Malang.
  • Chek in hotel, dinner then preparation to go to BNS. When finished back to the hotel and free program.

Day 3 Hotel – Coban Rondo – Jatim Park 2 – Surabaya

  • Wake up morning, breakfast, check out hotel, then proceed to Coban Rondo Waterfall Tour.
  • After that continue the journey to Jatim Park 2, you can see directly various kinds of animals in this Tour.
  • Before the trip to Surabaya Airport / Malang, we will take you to the typical shopping tour of Malang stone.
  • After that, proceed to Surabaya Airport / Malang and the tour is complete.

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