Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Packages Cheap Price 2023

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages for those of you who want a vacation to Mount Bromo without having to stay at a hotel that is near Bromo, much cheaper and easier with Bromo midnight tour packages.

Lots of visitors who are interested to use the package tour  Bromo 1 tonight because it feels cheaper.

You can stay in hotel in Probolinggo / Malang / Surabaya city to save cost.

By booking this 1 night tour package Bromo you will be picked up from where you are and delivered back to where you want as in Malang / Surabaya.

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages 2023

  • Bromo tour packages that we provide are very varied, if you are less suited to the program we ask, you can also create your own program. Here is the tour package program Bromo 1 night that we offer for you who want a vacation to the tourist area of Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru in just half a day.
  • Starts pickup at 12 pm from the Airport / Train Station / Hotel / Terminal Surabaya or Malang approximately 3 hours drive.
  • Go on to proceed to Bromo Tourism village Cemoro Lawang. Arriving at Cemoro Lawang replace the vehicle using Jeep 4 WD and go straight to Penanjakan 1 place where you will see the beauty of the Sunrise and witness the beauty of 2 phenomenal Mount of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.-
  • After that go back to Jeep and continue to Bromo Crater. Before to the crater of Bromo you can go down for a moment in the Sea of ​​Sand to just take pictures ria.
  • Arriving in the parking lot of your Jeep goes straight to Bromo Crater. To get to the crater of Bromo you can walk or hire the services of Horse.
  • The journey is about 20 minutes. Once you are satisfied with the beauty of Bromo Crater. Back to the Jeep and continue on to the original vehicle.
  • After that we take you to Surabaya or Malang and Tour is complete.
  • Make sure your tour so much easier fun by buying a tour package.

In addition to Mount Bromo, We also offer other attractive destinations that attracted foreign tourists such as Ijen Crater.

For more information please contact us via email or phone.

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