Best Hotels near Ijen Crater 2023

Best Hotels near Ijen Crater – Ijen which is still active Mount Merapi is very attractive to foreign tourists and lovers of trekking. Ijen crater is located on the Java island, Banyuwangi Regency East Java Indonesia.

Kawah Ijen has an extremely wide caldera approximately 20 km to the size of the larger. Ijen crater has incredible views and beautiful scenery that many travelers who come to the Ijen crater.

Wide crater and the lake resembles a color blue water provides a special meaning to everyone who look at the Ijen Crater. Today Ijen crater has become the new destination of domestic tourists who previously only dominated International travelers which is visiting Ijen crater.

With the increasing of people to go the Ijen Crater then it is really any attention of local governments and the business district of banyuwangi hotel or homestay so that we can find some hotels and Homestay is located in the area around the Ijen which make it easier for visitors to find the rest when thet are doing tours to the Ijen crater.

Hotels near Ijen Crater 2023

Therefor those of you who want to spend his vacation to Ijen crater, we provide recommendation Hotel and Homestay at the area near the crater of Ijen.

Arabica Homestay

Arabica Homestay / hotel is located in the village Arabica Sempol a distance of approximately 13 km before heading Paltuding. One of Hotels near Ijen Crater most popular and in great demand.

The location is very close to the main road around 1 km. Heading to Arabica Homestay you will feel comfortable because on the side of the road planted with a wide variety of beautiful flowers.

Arabica Homestay is a beautiful hotel, comfortable and fresh in the morning were able to make you like staying in South of Africa which is still natural .

Surrounding Arabica Homestay there is coffee plantations which could make you excited and eager to enjoy a cup of hot coffee Arabica whose name is already famous.

In front Homestay there is also a garden strawberry which has maked since 2003.

Homestay facilities: There are three types of rooms at Arabica Homestay the VIP Room, Standard Room and Economy that each room there is a bathroom that is equipped with hot shower and certainly Breakfast which has been prepared by the hotel.

Hopefully this information can help you who want to travel and stay at Ijen crater area and hopefully Arabica Homestay / Hotel became the choice when you decided to traveled to the Ijen crater.

Catimor Homestay

Second hotel Hotels near Ijen Crater is a Catimor Homestay, relatively old building that has been established since 1894 which was built by the Dutch.

The atmosphere of colonial still strongly felt when you entered to this homestay which was deliberately not removed by the manager so do not be surprised if a lot of foreign tourists who spent the night in a homestay is especially tourists who come from the country Dutch.

In the corner of homestay there is a swimming pool that you can sit and enjoy to drink coffee while reading a magazine.

Homestay is closest to the Ijen crater around 30 minutes away. Around this area there is hot water which called “Hot Spring” which is sourced directly from Ijen crater stream that can make the skin more fresh.

Hot water are very well known as a Jacuzzi and right behind the hot water are Waterfall and the people called Blawan waterfall.

Facilities: Homestay has 3 types of rooms are Superior room, Triple room and standard room. Do not miss when you visit Ijen Crater to try Catimor Homestay as a place for you.

Hotel Ijen Resort and Villas

Hotel Resort and Villas is a luxury hotel which is located at the foot of Mount Ijen. The rooms of the hotel is directly overlooking the rice fields and volcanoes are thick with beautiful rustic atmosphere that makes you feel at home and comfortable during your stay at this hotel.

Ijen Hotel and Resort is located at an altitude of 644 meters above sea level in the village of Great Randu Licin Banyuwangi.

Facilities: Hotel Resort and Ijen has 30 comfortable rooms and spacious because equipped with various modern facilities. Make sure your holiday plans to stay at the Hotel Ijen resort that gives you satisfaction during you stay at this hotel.

We also have a hotel recommendation in bromo mountain, if you want a holiday to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. Contact us if you want a holiday to the beautiful Ijen Crater.

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